With three paintball fields, and more to come, we'll make sure you have a great time! Paintball is perfect for bucks/hens parties, groups of mates, birthday parties, sporting clubs, or corporate events! Lock in a booking today!

Package pricing

Our packages are designed to get you on the field suited to your choice of play-style. Are you one-shot, one hit player, or do you prefer to spray & pray? Whichever style you prefer, we have a package for you!

Note: all of our packages have a $20 equipment hire per player (which is also your non-refundable deposit for your booking) that is payable at the time of booking your group session. You only pay on the day for the paintballs and any extras you may require.

Please be aware that all Visa EFTPOS transactions carry a 3% surcharge, that's Tap & Go. But good news: For better savings, we take cash 👌


300 paintballs

+ $20 hire

With enough paintballs to get you through the games by taking down your opponents with pinpoint accuracy, and optimal efficiency. Need to reload? Check out the extras.

  • 300 paintballs
  • Camouflage overalls
  • Marker (aka gun)
  • Protective mask


600 paintballs

+ $20 hire

Don't bring an empty paintball marker to a... uhh... paintball match. Ensure you have plenty of reserves in the cache to make your opponents sorry they didn't pick you.

  • 600 paintballs
  • Camouflage overalls
  • Marker (aka gun)
  • Protective mask


900 paintballs

+ $20 hire

It's now personal. They're no longer your opponents, they are the enemy. Make your foe witness to your unrivalled firepaint power. You are John Rambo.

  • 900 paintballs
  • Camouflage overalls
  • Marker (aka gun)
  • Protective mask


  • Price varies - 100 additional paintballs available between games. Price will depend on what how many you have shot already - the more you shoot, the cheaper it gets.
  • $15 - Protective gloves. Yours to keep.
  • $7 - Groin box. Most definitely yours to keep forever.
  • Free! - Women & childrens chest guard.
  • $3 - Cold soft drinks.

Bundle & Save!

If you play paintball, and Archery or Axe Throwing, you will receive a 25% discount on one of these additional activities! Ask about this when booking your paintball game!

Session Times

Our sessions run on the weekends only. Our sessions run from 9am — 12:30 and 1pm — 3:30pm

We run our sessions rain or shine and bookings are essential!. Give us a call first, we may be able to accommodate your last minute request.

Paintball Range

Don't like the idea of getting hit by paintballs? We have a paintball range - experience all the thrills of shooting paintballs without the fear of being hit! It's only $20 for 100 paintballs - give it a try!


Does paintball hurt?

Yes. Well, it can hurt. The idea, of course, is to avoid getting hit. You may have heard rumours that paintballing hurts, leaves bruises, and people screaming! These rumours are all true. People usually let out a "yelp!" the first time they get hit... Then they realise that it's not all that bad.

Don't worry though, once the adrenaline kicks in, you just want to get them back!

Women will receive a protective chest-plate at no charge.

Men: We recommend you invest in a groin box (or bring your own if you have one). If you do plan on purchasing a groin box, remember boxer shorts will not hold the box in place!

Do I have to sign a waiver of some sort?

Yes! You can download our waiver, print it, fill it out and bring it with you!

Is Paintball safe?

We take safety very seriously. Paintball is an inherently dangerous sport. We take all the necessary precautions and provide comprehensive safety training before we start. Under our supervision and training, paintball is a safe and fun activity.

Can I bring beer?

Strictly no alcohol. Sorry about that.